APAGAR means “to quench‘’ or ‘to satisfy’ in Spanish. The company provides a wide range of products such as 3D Fabric and Leatherite Panels, Customized 3D Cut Furniture, Acoustical products which blend with design (sound absorbers diffusors, sound barriers, isolation platforms, etc).

We satisfy the ego of our customers through these products, which are unique, exclusive and safe.

Acoustical Material

Acoustic Wall Panels

Acoustic Partition

Acoustic Consultancy

Sound Masking

Acoustic Door

Door Gaskets

Industrial Noise Control/Barrier Materials

Wall Panels

Acoustic Booth/Pods

Sealants and Fire Seals


APAGAR Gypsum Perforated Acoustic Ceiling Tiles/Panels-BOX OF 6 NOS

Blog posts

A – Absorption in Acoustics

Hi, In continuation to the previous Blog. We had mentioned that Acoustic language also has it's own ABCD - Where A is absorption, B is Block, C - is Cover (Noise Cancellation) and D - is Diffusion. Today we will talk about absorption When a place is too echoic or too...


Kasturi Deodhar

An amazing opportunity to collaborate with APAGAR on a home theatre project. Products are absolutely fantastic! Loved It!

Kamal Agarwal

Added APAGAR products to my office for ceiling, without a doubt one of the best sound masking materials i have ever used.

Nakul Gupta

The variety and the service that APAGAR has provided m, i can for sure say that this has become my favorite location for sound masking products